f u c k h e r deep d a t b t s h 


    Good night with Xhosa and Sophia


    bleh bleh blehhhhhh mehhh I’m just too excited to play right now.



    This video is a documentation of Alex Dyck’s visiting to Cosmic Cave III.
    My installation is not easy to document nor easy to explain and experience, so this makes me happy.

    Cosmic Cave III (2012)
    Cotton Fabric, Wood, Live Delayed Video Screen, furry floor, An image of Dr. Gregorio and a pipe from a Mexican Botanica on near Cedar Street and Central Ave.

    I built an art installation, Cosmic Cave, with the colour of green, the colour of cash and stash, the colour of orange thread as pyramid. When you lay down of the Cosmic Cave, you can see thirty three seconds earlier of yourself in Cosmic Cave III. The laptop web cam is just like Mirror Piece of Joan Jonas in 2012. Steve Reich’s Piano Phase was also another related matter.

    This video is a documentation of James Moore’s visit to Cosmic Cave III.
    This vido is a documentation of Maggie Lee and Nicky Lesser’s visit to Cosmic Cave III.


    Prince Harvey performed for Noodle Beaches for Meeting Witches. He was fabulous fantastic rhyming.

    I just asked him to play with me for tomorrow’s event at Home Sweet Home for Good Kids.


    we got bathing suit you got one too Jo


    meth is playing for NOODLE BEACHES for MEETING WITCHES tonight Aug 5th at Signal Gallery at 260 Johnson Ave Bushwick 11206


    Austin Samsel in front of Cosmic Cave, thank you Austin for yoga at Noodle Beaches for Meeting Witches III. I was experiencing the vibration of colors, acid affects.